Things to do in Newport, Oregon Escape Rooms


Newport, Oregon things to do, Escape Rooms tourist activity

Pirate's Gold

You have won a wonderful contest and you are cruising around the world. When you come across a beautiful island paradise you set anchor and disembark. Soon you find an old shipwreck and upon further inspection you see this is not a deserted island. A shipwreck has been transformed into the infamous Pirate, Captain Black Eyes’ secret hideaway…surely there is a treasure but the captain will be back soon…don’t get caught or you will be forced to walk the plank. Those waters are shark infested…proceed with caution.

2-10 Participants | Game Level: Difficult

Newport, Oregon things to do, Escape Rooms tourist activity

The Hangin' Sheriff

You rode into the small southwest town only to find yourself locked up for no good reason and left for lost as you await your fate with “The Hangin’ Sheriff”. Sheriff Buffalo Kane…has no tolerance for ne’er do goods like yourselves and he’s fixin’ to be back from his siesta in about an hour. He’s famous for his judge and jury trials where most (all) are found guilty…and guilty in this town means there will surely be a hangin’.

2-8 Participants | Game Level: Moderate

Oh, did we mention you only have 60 minutes to make your escape!

Don’t worry, our games are meant to be challenging but fun and come in different skill levels. Perfect for families, friends, date nights and company team builders.
Our rooms provide atmosphere and theater with amazing puzzles and riddles to solve for an unforgettable interactive adventure.
And if you don’t escape in 60 minutes... We’ll still let you out.

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