Things to do in Newport, Oregon Escape Rooms


Newport, Oregon things to do, Escape Rooms tourist activity

Pirate's Gold

You have been shanghaied to the Caribbean by Captain Black Eyes, the meanest and nastiest pirate to sail the seven seas.  You are aboard his ship and desperate to escape.  As the crew drinks there evening grog you know they will be at least an hour and so you secretly enter the Captains cabin.  Surely if you get control of his Gold you can bargain you way off this ship.  You have 60 minutes find his hidden treasure and save your booty, lest you walk the plank into the shark infested waters.  ARRGH!!

2-10 Participants | Game Level: Difficult

Newport, Oregon things to do, Escape Rooms tourist activity

The Hangin' Sheriff

You rode into the small southwest town only to find yourself locked up for no good reason and left for lost as you await your fate with “The Hangin’ Sheriff”. Sheriff Buffalo Kane…has no tolerance for ne’er do goods like yourselves and he’s fixin’ to be back from his siesta in about an hour. He’s famous for his judge and jury trials where most (all) are found guilty…and guilty in this town means there will surely be a hangin’.

2-8 Participants | Game Level: Moderate


Survive the Island

While on a cruise through the south pacific on the cruise liner ‘The Lady Sally’ you feel a jolt, the ship rocks and you hear an announcement from the captain saying, “We are takin on water all hands to the life rafts.” You and your group are the only survivors and you have washed ashore an uncharted island.  Little do you know that for 1,000 years this island has been inhabited by the ‘Ascape Tribe’.  Can you use the tools provided to signal the passing ship or will you be taken by the Ascapes to be lost forever in the jungles of this island?

2-6 Participants | Game Level: Moderate


Sissy's Saloon

You are traveling through a small western town and a thirst comes over you. As you enter the local watering hole known as Sissy’s Saloon you hear the locals talking about how the owner, Thaddeus O’Malley, has passed and left the place to his grand daughter, Sissy. But she is in the big city and won’t make it back before the crooked banker comes to steal it from her. It’s up to ya’ll to find the deed Thaddeus has hidden somewhere in the saloon.  Can you folks solve the hints and clues to help find the deed to save Sissy’s Saloon.

2-8 Participants | Game Level: Difficult

Oh, did we mention you only have 60 minutes to make your escape!

Don’t worry, our games are meant to be challenging but fun and come in different skill levels. Perfect for families, friends, date nights and company team builders.
Our rooms provide atmosphere and theater with amazing puzzles and riddles to solve for an unforgettable interactive adventure.
And if you don’t escape in 60 minutes... We’ll still let you out.